BIAXPLEN expands export markets

31.10.2014 Section: News of branch

BIAXPLEN, part of SIBUR, a leading Russian petrochemical company, has expanded its export supplies of biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film to the European market. The first lots of BIAXPLEN products have been shipped to Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The film procured to major printing companies of these countries was produced at BIAXPLEN's Kursk branch.

"The European market with its well-developed infrastructure and transparent practices is one of the most attractive for BIAXPLEN. Over the last year, we geared up to expand Russian supplies to this market as two new BOPP production lines were launched, in Tomsk and Novokuybyshevsk, boosting BIAXPLEN's overall capacity by over 60%. Today, our Company's five sites are capable of producing up to 180 kt of BOPP film yearly", said Ilya Papusha, Sales and Marketing Director of BIAXPLEN.

Plastics Packaging in Germany: On Course for Further Growth

19.08.2014 Section: News of branch

The German market for plastics packaging and films achieved encouraging results in 2013. Whilst production output rose by around 2.4 per cent to 4.3 million tons, turnover worth 13.6 billion euro (a surplus of 3.5 per cent) reached a new record level.

Whilst turnover rather stagnated in the first half of the year, a marked improvement occurred in the second half. And yet, development presented itself in different ways. Due to strong domestic consumer demand, consumer packaging registered consistent stable growth. For industrial packaging, following a calm period during the first three quarters, substantial increase was only achieved towards the end of the year.

The overall positive development must not distract from the fact that the plastics packaging industry had to face fierce competition from European countries outside Germany. This affected the film industry, in particular. In addition, the dramatic rise in energy costs due to the renewable energy (EEG) levy burdened an industry characterised by small and medium-sized businesses.

The exhibition record breaker this year is Russia

28.01.2014 Section: Intervue

The regular trade show Upakovka/UpakItalia 2014 has been opened in the expocentre in Krasnaya Presnya. Project Manager Svetlana Kleyman is giving an account of what visitors will see at the exhibition this year.

Upakovka/Upak Italia 2014 will be held for the twenty-second time. Over the time of the exhibition’s existence we have witnessed major changes in life and the industry. How are these changes reflected in the exhibits on display?

Throughout its existence the Upakovka/UpakItalia has also undergone substantial transformation. An interesting trend may be observed in 2014 – subsequent to setting up representative offices in the Russian Federation many overseas exhibitors have delegated decision making on participation in exhibitions and other organisational issues to their Russian rep offices.

Consequently in preparation for the 2014 exhibition our Moscow office we have been able to communicate with a larger number of foreign companies.

Thereby we have managed to understand their needs and improve some of the services that will be useful to the exhibition participants.

Russian Industry trusts in German Food Processing and Packaging Machinery

24.01.2014 Section: Articles

The demand of Russian consumers for modern processed and packaged food and beverages continues to rise. With a per capita consumption of 205 kg packaged food per year the market is not yet saturated and has potential for further growth. It is expected that 29 million tonnes packaged food and 13 billion soft drinks will be sold in Russia in 2013. A growing middle class contributes to this increasing demand. Growing prosperity is changing consumer and shopping behaviour. Convenience remains a key trend, globally and also in Russia. The consumer demand for convenient and easy-to-use products continues to increase. Premiumisation coupled with a health and wellness trend is becoming increasingly prominent in Russia. Growing demand for more sophisticated products is expected to drive the market for processed packaged food.

Some like it sweet – so do the Russians! Russia is one of most important markets for confectionery worldwide (rank 3 behind the USA and China) – and the largest market in Europe. Currently 1.1 million tons of confectionery products are sold in Russia and the demand continues to grow. Chocolate products make up the largest subsection in the confectionery segment with a share of almost 70 percent of total consumption. With a per capita consumption of 5.3 kg, the Russian consumption is catching up with some of the higest consumer nations in Western Europe such as Switzerland (9.1 kg), United Kingdom (8.1 kg) and Germany (8.0 kg). Pralines are Russian favourites and the demand for chocolate confectionery is expected to rise by 8 percent till 2017.

Italian exports to Russia continue to grow

24.01.2014 Section: News of branch

Upak Italia has been staged in Moscow since 1984: it will be 30 years in 2014.

Its conjunction with Upakovka, started a few year later in 1997, has turned Upakovka/Upak talia into the gateway to the crucial Russian market for Italian and German manufacturers of food processing, converting, package printing and packaging technology.

Besides a considerable participation of Italian and German companies, over time Upakovka/UpakItalia has seen an increasing number of players coming from other countries.

Once again a total of 53 Italian companies will take part in this exhibition, covering a wide range of products spanning from food processing to packaging, converting and package printing.

The good trend of the Italian participation at Upakovka/UpakItalia reflects positive trends in Italian processing-packaging-printing and converting technology export to Russia. The industry of processing and packaging closed the first 9 months of 2013 with a +12,33% increase in export of technology to Russia.

The industry is working steadily

24.01.2014 Section: Intervue

Unipack.Ru is offering readers an interview with Alexander Boyko, General Director of National Packaging Confederation re industry present state in Russia and tasks facing the association.

Interview by Mikhail Bredis

What is your estimation of Russia’s packaging market present state? What are the latest changes and development trends?

According to experts the Russian packaging market ranks among top 10 packaging markets and is one of the leaders in growth rates. Regrettably, the market recovery seen post-crisis and in early 2013 has changed in the latter half of the year for an apprehensive anticipation of most operating companies’ performance decline. Although it is too early to sum up the industry results for the year 2013, the expected gain in production is 2-2.5%.

Good prospects for interplastica and UPAKOVKA / UPAK ITALIA in Moscow

11.12.2013 Section: Press releases

Russia continues to provide an environment for the plastics and rubber industry and for the packaging sector. The country’s economy is still growing, and its main strengths are the size of its domestic market and its consumption-focused society.

Consumer-oriented industries are therefore showing particularly dynamic growth, e.g. food and beverages, the automotive industry, construction, electrical and electronic goods, medical engineering, the chemical industry and sports and leisure. They all have one thing in common: a strong demand for plastics and rubber and for state-of-the-art functional packaging. As the modernisation of Russia’s domestic industry continues to be in need of strengthening, innovative machinery is just as much in demand as raw materials, packaging, tools, technical components and industrial services.

These are good conditions for the international exhibitors at interplastica and UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA 2014. The two leading trade fairs in plastics and rubber and in packaging and process engineering will be held simultaneously from 28 to 31 January. Trade visitors can look forward to an even wider range than at previous events. In all, approximately 1,000 exhibitors will be showcasing their innovative products and services on a net space of about 17,000 square metres.

Brueckner Group at Interplastica 2014

20.11.2013 Section: Press releases

Russian Packaging Industry State and Milestones

26.02.2013 Section: Articles | Articles | Russian Packaging Industry State and Milestones

The anticipated statistical data pertaining to the Russian GDP growth and other macroeconomic indicators characterising the domestic economy growth in 2012 have been published recently. In reliance thereon one may assume that over this year our packaging market has grown by 4-5%, which is also substantiated by a more detailed analysis of the production state of affairs and the use of various types of packaging materials and products. The dynamic growth in food production – one of the major packaging consumers – has become one of the fundamental factors contributing to such growth. According to Rosstat (Federal State Statistics Service), their production index in January – August 2012 against the same period of 2011 amounted to 106%, and this rate is likely to remain the same throughout the year.

But this is just the quantitative aspect of the matter. The changes characterising the Russian packaging market structure and its development trends are more interesting and important. To begin with, I would like to note that packaging manufacturers who have managed to streamline their businesses and execute their existing modernisation and technical upgrade plans over the hard recession years are becoming increasingly confident on the packaging market. And whereas streamlining is generally available to virtually all companies not many packaging market players have had the possibilities of heavily investing in the acquisition of new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. In such circumstances a number of companies have benefited from consolidation of funds and integration of production, which hopefully will allow them to successfully compete with the overseas packaging suppliers within the WTO. Regretfully, one has to acknowledge departure from the market of many small businesses manufacturing packaging materials and items who failed to find answers to the challenges characteristic of the recent years.

The Russian industry continues to rely on machines "made in Germany"

26.02.2013 Section: Articles

For the German manufacturers of food processing and packaging machinery Russia is one of the world's most important markets, right after the U.S. and China. Trade relations between the German machinery manufacturers and the customers of Russian end-user industries can look back on a long tradition. For years, Germany has been Russia's foremost trading partner. In 2011, the German manufacturers exported food processing and packaging machinery to the value of € 521 million to Russia. This means, Germany holds a market share of 34 percent. In some fields the proportion is much higher: for example, two thirds of confectionery machinery are of German production, almost every second packaging machine and one in four meat processing machines. Where brewing machinery is concerned, the largest share of machinery and plant supplies is imported from Germany as well.

With its 143 million inhabitants, Russia is the most populous country in Europe and an important market for food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The Russian people are very eager consumers and the backlog of Russian households concerning modern, processed and packaged food and beverages is still considerable. Compared to other countries, the Russian food and beverage market has not yet reached saturation. With a per capita consumption of 173 kg of packaged food, Russia lies well below the German value of 275 kg per capita.

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