Schubert at the Upakovka 2012 Trade Fair in Moscow

17.01.2012 Section: News of branch

At the Upakovka 2012 (24-27 January) in Moscow, Gerhard Schubert GmbH will be presenting its new tube filling and closing machine in Hall 2.2 at Stand 22B42.

The tubes are unpacked from shipping cartons fully automatically and moved onto a transmodule transport section in a mass flow. At the same time the tubes are aligned according to their printing marks, they are transferred from the mass flow to a single-row transmodule transport section, where they are filled and closed using ultrasound. Filling is performed by an eight-position volume dosing station. Only 1/16 of the standard welding energy is required for ultrasonic welding.

UPAKOVKA 2012: BEUMER informs visitors about palletising and packaging technology

17.01.2012 Section: News of branch

The BEUMER Group will demonstrate its competence in palletising and packaging technology at the 20th UPAKOVKA, the international trade exhibition for packaging systems, packaging production machinery and packaging material (24 to 27 January 2012, Moscow). In addition, the group will present its comprehensive customer support concept.

In hall 2.2, stand A44, the BEUMER Group, based in Beckum, Germany, will present, among other innovations, the space-saving BEUMER robotpac. This fully automatic articulated robot is able to solve even complex palletising and de-palletising challenges reliably and efficiently. Containers such as bags, cardboard boxes, crates or trays can be palletised safely and economically. For all types of packaged goods, BEUMER has developed suitable gripping systems that can be easily exchanged.

UPAKOVKA 2012: packing reliably and efficiently with HEUFT

11.01.2012 Section: News of branch

The HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH range at the UPAKOVKA / UPAK Italia 2012 exhibition in Moscow is focussed on current new developments for the precise detection of foreign objects in filled food and drink packaging. Visitors to the exhibition can experience these and other inspection systems live and in action on Stand 21-C16.

The demand for automation solutions for the sustainable safeguarding of the product quality and optimisation of the efficiency of complete production and packaging lines is increasing in the dynamically growing Eurasian market. Accordingly HEUFT rates the potential of the superior checking, inspecting and fill management systems which the company will be presenting at UPAKOVKA 2012 in Moscow very highly.

The new HEUFT eXaminer XB top-down X-ray strobe which continuously monitors the integrity and completeness of solid products and is predestined for use in the single-lane transport section around the flow packer is one of the highlights of HEUFT’s exhibition appearance. The new HEUFT eXaminer XAC in accordance with the hygiene-friendly HEUFT CleanDesign is optimally suited for the reliable radiometric detection of glass splinters, small pieces of metal and other foreign objects in containers filled with liquid, paste-like or spreadable products.

KBA-MetalPrint at UPAKOVKA 2012

11.01.2012 Section: News of branch

KBA-MetalPrint GmbH is a regular exhibitor at Upakovka, which is by far the most important packaging exhibition for us in Eastern Europe and the C.I.S. countries.

We are using this great opportunity of exhibiting here to meet really all of our customers and interested visitors from Russia and its neighbour countries. We have the chance to present latest developments in our wide range of products for metal decoration and exhaust air purification as well as to discuss new requirements and regulations in our industry. And, last but not least, we are listening to our customers for their specific needs and expectations for the new business year.

Especially in 2012, we are proud of using the opportunity to present to our market of metal decoration our latest development in coating technology which is our new coating machine MetalCoat 480. This new generation of coater was developed with a view to increasing productivity.

German Packaging Prize for Krones’ FlexWave technology

08.12.2011 Section: News of branch

When the BRAU Beviale 2011 opened its doors in Nuremberg on 9 November 2011, the German Packaging Institute awarded Krones the German Packaging Prize as an accolade for the firm’s microwave heating technology incorporated in its stretch blow-moulding machines.

With FlexWave – the new, innovative microwave heating technology from Krones – the process for producing PET containers in stretch blow-moulding machines has become significantly more sustainable, more energy-economical, more flexible, faster and more versatile. The reason lies in the system’s innovative technology: FlexWave heats up PET preforms using microwaves – a process that not only differs significantly from conventional methods of stretch blow-moulding, but is in fact unique worldwide.

Bosch launches new integrated Pharmaceutical Melt Extrusion and Calendering Line

07.12.2011 Section: News of branch

Bosch Packaging Technology presents its new fully integrated Pharmaceutical Melt Extrusion and Calendering Line featuring a continuous production process for pharmaceutical substances.

Melt extrusion as a drug production method is growing in popularity due to its ability to improve drug delivery effectiveness. Using this technology, poorly soluble drugs with low bioavailability can be administered in tablet or granulate formats. Efficient production and cost savings are additional benefits as there is no need for additives such as solvents or drying processes.

With the launch of Bosch’s Melt Extrusion and Calendering Line, pharmaceutical manufacturers can now procure extrusion, calendering and cooling equipment from one supplier. Equipment in the Bosch line is operated with the same interface and software for ease-of-use and efficiency benefits, and meets all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Due to the modular structure of the line from Bosch, manufacturers are able to customize the extrusion and forming equipment including temperature and pressure requirements. It can enable direct shaping of pills or oblong shapes, or alternatively pelletizing with granulation head technology. Bosch’s line is able to be used in laboratories as well as for customized scale ups, and can be designed for contained or non-contained environments.

Business Program of the trade fair "Upakovka / UpakItalia-2012"

05.12.2011 Section: Press releases

UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA has established itself as the outstanding platform for making and maintaining business contacts in the Russian packaging market – the 20th international trade fair for packaging machinery, packaging production and packaging material is taking place in Moscow from 24 to 27 January 2012.

The market for packaging in Russia is still growing. Changing consumer behaviour and growing brand awareness are just two factors affecting the food sector in particular and many other sectors of the consumer goods industry. Domestic suppliers of packaging have to respond not only to a significant increase in demand, but also to higher expectations with respect to quality. Investments in modern machines and packaging are the result, and solutions for partial modernisations are also in great demand. There are excellent business opportunities for international suppliers who can provide innovative technologies and comprehensive service packages.

CJSC Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery at Interplastica-2012

05.12.2011 Section: News of branch

BEUMER packs a million pallets at AkzoNobel

17.11.2011 Section: News of branch

Over the last 15 years, a BEUMER packaging system has helped to palletize and pack more than one million pallets of salt for AkzoNobel in Mariager.

Throughout this time, it has been operating in a saline environment and at high speeds, without requiring major maintenance. The Chief Technical Officer at AkzoNobel, Ivan Kondrup, even says he can see no reason why the plant should not be operational for another 15 years. Thus BEUMER plants stand for durability and sustainable operation.

Palletizing and packaging is an essential part of the production process at AkzoNobel, the largest producer of salt in Denmark. At the same time, palletizing and packaging is also an important competitive factor in the market. Back in 1996, 15 years ago, packaging had become a bottleneck at AkzoNobel, which is why Ivan Kondrup, the company’s Chief Technical Officer, contacted a number of suppliers of end-of-line packaging solutions in order to find a new plant.

Classic bottle washer for mid-tier companies

17.11.2011 Section: News of branch

Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, has come up with an ultra-compact single-end bottle washer designed specifically for the small and medium output ranges.

Thanks to its minimised dimensions, the Lavatec E2 can be installed without any problems even on small areas, and nonetheless provides perfect cleaning results, since it carries the bottles through the machine in a horizontal loop for maximum caustic dwell time. The machine on show at the Brau Beviale will subsequently be installed at the mid-tier Orth brewery in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, which is also taking delivery of a Kosme filler rated at 6,000 containers an hour.

In the Lavatec E2, after leaving the pre-cleaning zone, the containers are passed through the caustic immersion bath in a horizontal loop path. A multitude of rotary jetting tubes are used to clean the inside of the bottle from different angles of incidence. The outside of the bottles is cleaned from above by large-volume jetting units. In the post-caustic tank, the newly developed double nozzles additionally clean the bottles from below, accurately targeting the shoulder area of the bottles for an enhanced cleaning effect. Before they leave the machine again, they are cooled down in the post-treatment zones with a small quantity of fresh water, and the final residues of dirt and caustic are thus removed.

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