Interplastica trade fair: the exhibitor's showcases. Piovan

17.12.2009 Section: News of branch

Piovan will prove its capabilities to fully meet the diverse needs of customers in Russia at Interplastica 2010 which will be held in Moscow, Expocentre Krasnaya Presnya, 26th-29th January.Innovative and energy saving solutions have made PIOVAN the global market leader for the plastics industry. Through continuous investments in people and technology, Piovan aims to offer the Russian market high performance and service.

Interplastica trade fair: the exhibitor's showcases. Croda Polymer Additives

17.12.2009 Section: News of branch

Croda Polymer Additives is a world leader providing in-demand effects to a wide range of polymers. Our products are manufactured from naturally occurring raw materials from renewable resources with applications in polyolefins, PVC, styrenics, polyamides and biopolymers.

Interplastica 2010: Arburg presents economical injection moulding

15.12.2009 Section: News of branch

At the 13th Interplastica, which will take place from 26 to 29 January 2010 in Moscow, Arburg (Forum Hall, Stand FC 43) will be represented with a hydraulic Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition. A medical technology application will be presented on the machine featuring high- quality standard equipment. With the production of overcaps, the exhibit will provide proof of the performance potential of this globally successful machine series.

Interplastica trade fair: the exhibitor's showcases. TRUPLAST

15.12.2009 Section: News of branch

TRUPLAST Kunststofftechnik GmbH manufactures hoses and hose systems with all connectors for the different applications, made out of PVC, PE, PP and PU for special industry, agriculture, medical and dental applications, also for vacuum cleaners, washing machines and diswashers. The trade mark for the products is „TRUFLEX®“.

Interplastica trade fair: the exhibitor's showcases. MANN+HUMMEL ProTec

15.12.2009 Section: News of branch

At Interplastica 2010 in Moscow, MANN+HUMMEL ProTec is presenting a cross-section of its comprehensive product line for cost-effective material treatment for free-flowing plastics materials for all plastic processing methods, from extruding, injection moulding and calendering up to blow moulding.

Interplastica trade fair: the exhibitor's showcases. Extraplast

15.12.2009 Section: News of branch

If you intend to produce large quantities of blow moulded articles of any form- bottles and cans, but also technical parts - EXTRAPLAST machines are your first choice. The required machine is entirely attuned to your product range.

The innovations of UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA 2010: Three new Packaging Machines by OPTIMA GROUP CONSUMER

02.12.2009 Section: News of branch

Even classical products such as teabags can be reinvented. The CombiStick promises the finest aroma protection, freshness, ease of use and safe hygiene. Functional closures are the new container closure generation. As an example, they can contain additives such as vitamins and flavors, which are automatically released into the beverage upon opening only. Snapsil is an innovative package and a convenience utensil in one. These features of Snapsil will open new market opportunities even for “traditional” products. Optima Group Consumer is the exclusive machine partner for all three packaging innovations.

Reinventing the teabag: the CombiStick: Enclosed in an exterior package for the stick, an inner filter holds the tea. Before consumption, the stick package is removed at a defined spot and only the inner filter containing the tea is immersed in water for stirring or steeping. With its Easypack SCM, Optima Group Consumer offers an integrated manufacturing and packaging machine for the new CombiStick. The Easypack SCM line features four lanes fed from a wide foil. This machine section fabricates the wrap of the CombiSticks. And also the interior tea compartment is manufactured from roll stock: here, the filter material is cut into the individual panels. The line is rounded off by Optima’s dosing systems, guaranteeing the highest in filling precision. Output of the Easypack SCM is 140 sticks/min. The machine is compact in design with easy access for cleaning.

The innovations of UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA 2010: HEUFT innovations for maximum product quality

01.12.2009 Section: News of branch

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH will be showcasing innovations which point the way with systems for wrap-around labelling, empty bottle inspection, leak-age checks and full container checks in the German Pavilion at the UPAKOVKA / UPAK ITALIA 2010 exhibition. They can be experienced in action from 26 to 29 January 2010 on Stand 21-B14 in Hall 2 of the ZAO Expocentre in Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow.

The HEUFT TORNADO R a newly developed labelling machine, equipped with a servo-controlled belt drive for the exact application of wrap-around labels and highly efficient technologies for a final product check, is the highlight of the exhibition presence. The belt rotates bottles and jars harmoniously so that the labels entwine them completely - without creases and with the least possible offset at the overlap. It automatically adapts itself to different container sizes in the same way as the up to six nozzles which can be activated individually for the initial gluing. The result: par-ticularly simple and fast brand changes. The closed hot glue system reduces the glue consumption of the HEUFT TORNADO R and increases its operational reliabil-ity. The integrated control cabinet makes fast and uncomplicated installing and commissioning possible. Optional additional features ensure the highest standards of reliability and quality for a thorough final product check.


Special offer "The innovations of UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA 2010 and Interplastica 2010"

30.11.2009 Section: Press releases

Packaging internet portal Unipack.Ru in the run-up to international trade fairs UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA 2010 and Interplastica 2010 gives its clients and partners the opportunity to tell about their innovations, original technologies and new products which they are going to show during the fairs.

All the information about the innovations will be published at the Industry News column. The most interesting news will be included in the special edition of Unipack.Ru newspaper (print run - 10 000 numbers) that will be distributing free-of-charge during the fairs with the fair’s catalogue.

If your company doesn’t plan to take part in UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA 2010 and Interplastica 2010 you can tell about your innovations in our Press-Releases column. If you are interested in it please write at email [email protected]

Upakovka/Upak Italia trade fair: the exhibitor's showcases. GABLER Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG

27.11.2009 Section: News of branch

GABLER Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG will be present at the 18th International trade fair for machinery and equipment for the manufacture of packaging in Moscow.

GABLER is one of the world's leading manufacturers of thermoforming machines for the packaging industry, with its main focus on food packaging.

The range of products reaches from compact stand-alone machines to large manufacturing plants including extrusion and integration of downstream processes. For almost 35 years, 200 employees using modern equipment and technology have been developing and manufacturing machinery whose quality, performance and reliability is setting world standards.

The GABLER team will provide information about innovations and further developments in the following areas:

The M-line, the well-known tilt machine series from GABLER Thermoform in Lübeck is unbeaten throughout the world and the handling systems are also in great demand for thermoforming machines from competitive manufacturers.

The new M60 with a forming-area of 500 x 320 mm completed the solid and experienced tilting technology – top quality with simple methods included high flexibility for the adaptation of existing goods. Furthermore additional variants are still available such as the M72 which can use a maximum of 3-row tools, the M92 X with a broader forming area, the M92 L with a longer heater for maximum cycle rates, and in combination as the XL model.

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